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Comet - Rider class
Comet - Rider class

First of an upcoming series of character work I've made for my world I've called "Comet" This character is a rider which can influence animals and the world around them.


Empathetic to other creatures, the riders are those that have landed near an abundance of fauna and have grown to communicate and learn from animals. They are quick to befriend the wildlife and are able to borrow their friends for their unique abilities either for their utility or their physical prowess in combat. In some cases with powerful Celestial beings more in-tune with their talent, they are able to learn traits and abilities from their best animal friends.
Other riders may be less empathetic and use animals in a harsh and brutal training method. Others prefer the company of animals. The personalities can also be influenced by the animals from that area. Across all the world riders have the most contention between themselves as the treatment and use of their power can be a very emotional driving force for the actions of many in this aspect.
Elders from all regions seek out riders for their unique and useful ability to speak to animals. Be it either for farming, building without a builder, guarding or unfortunately for hunting in many cases.

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Riders possess the inherent ability to communicate with other creatures, regardless of what species they actually are. They are gifted with an acute empathetical radar and thus are often at the whim of their extreme emotional responses. They make excellent travel companions. Their read on situations are sharp and immediate from their intuition. Because they can connect so easily to other living beings, this makes them prime candidates for piloting potential vehicles that builders can make around creatures. They still require batteries to fully power some vehicles but animal upgrades can be controlled without issue.

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