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Comet - Battery class
Comet - Battery class

Batteries (Otherwise energy mages)
Celestial beings that have not fully lost the power that was taken from them from the descent. They are the rarest and most sought after of the aspects for their incredible power and control over the forces that exist on this planet. They are the most vulnerable of the beings that roam the earth because of this Fio has trained since childhood to protect herself using her magic and martial arts to ward off any threat.

They have the ability to manipulate energy/power. This can mean providing power to things that builders create, or to amplify the abilities of an organic creature in small means. The ability to translate/amplify/siphon/transfer energy comes at a cost though, and those not completely in tune with this can often suffer from physical exhaustion and many other symptoms that can debilitate the user. Every battery suffers from overload, in which they need to expel excess energy. Genius builders have found ways to store this in what can basically be considered a [battery]. Standard use of these are found across the entire world and basically function as a means to keep the world at a relatively advanced state. For this reason, batteries need to be wary of slavers and particularly needy businessmen.

Batteries can form energy capsules out of any container; they require some time to reconfigure the material of the outer layer to be transparent afterwards. They can fill these shells with consumable energy in liquid form. It is easy to see how much “fuel” is left in these containers. Fio carries them in large quantity on her person to sell to merchants, or citizens that may require the energy for day-to-day items.

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